With the utmost confidence, I can say that we all have been keeping up with Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour like it's our job. You've definitely had one, two, or seven late nights in bed where you're either watching TikTok videos and LIVEs to learn Blue Ivy's choreo (IYKYK) for hours or scrolling through countless Instagram photos to see different angles of Queen B's iconic looks. Or, maybe, you were one of the lucky ones to score tickets to Mother's concert, then you actually got to see the euphoric production and Bey IRL. Happy for you! And because we're all clearly dedicated members of the Beyhive, I'm happy to report that Bey has dropped exclusive tour merch on Amazon!

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Yup, so, Beyoncé l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y has her own store on Amazon (ofc she does) where she has exclusive T-shirts, sweatsuits, posters, and vinyls that you can only get through the online retail giant. If you thought you had to miss part of the concert to wait in the merch line or you just never imagined you could get authentic Bey merch without actually being there, this one's for you.

Shop Beyoncé's Official Amazon Renaissance Tour merch!
Renaissance T-Shirt
Beyoncé Renaissance T-Shirt
$40 at Amazon
Credit: Amazon
Billboard T-Shirt
Beyoncé Billboard T-Shirt
Credit: Amazon
Billboard Crewneck
Beyoncé Billboard Crewneck
Credit: Amazon
Renassiance Sweatpants
Beyoncé Renassiance Sweatpants
Credit: Amazon
Official RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR Billboard Poster
Beyoncé Official RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR Billboard Poster
Credit: Amazon
Columbia Records Group RENAISSANCE
Now 11% Off
Credit: Amazon

FYI: There's probably a very good chance that things will sell out quickly—I mean, duh—which means you gotta act fast so you get what you want. And Prime members, you'll be happy to hear that you can have your Beyoncé Renaissance merch shipped to you ASAP with that glorious two-day Prime shipping. Bey said there will be no waiting here!!

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According to the storefront, this is "Drop 1.0"—which hopefully means there's gonna be a Drop 2.0? We can only hope! And if there is, you know we'll give you all the 411 on that. Check back here to stay in the know...and to load up on Bey memorabilia!

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