Charity Lawson is clarifying a recent comment she made about filming The Bachelorette, which had fans speculating that she had a bad experience. The comment came during a chat with Extra, when Charity was asked about The Bachelorette being a difficult experience.

“I will say it again,” she said. “Warning to anyone who possibly might foresee being the Bachelorette in the future, it is something that honestly I don’t wish on my worst enemy just because it is that emotionally taxing. It’s just a lot. And you see me obviously vocalize being in love with two people—it’s a lot.”

The moment was shared by beloved fan account @bachelornation.scoop...

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...and Charity ended up hopping into the comments in reply to a fan who asked, “Why does production torture leads so much that they wind up saying things like they wouldn’t wish the experience on their worst enemy????”

In response, Charity wrote, “Never tortured. To clarify, this just means that this whole journey was a lot in many ways, that requires a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically. Definitely worth it though in the end!”

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Charity also strongly implied that she found her happily ever after in that Extra clip, cryptically saying, “We will say we’re happy with how the season turns out....”

Vague, but gonna assume Charity finds love! Also, if you want spoilers about who she finds love with, you can find a bunch of them right this way....

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